9:33 PM

113-27 Queens Boulevard
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 263-3636

There are so many places to get sushi in Forest Hills that we tend to just stick with the first halfway decent place we can get our grubby hands on. My last attempt was at Chikurin and I was sorely let down. Naturally, heading back to Queens Boulevard for sushi made me think twice after such an experience, as it would with anyone. But this time, I was pleased with my selection.

Fuji is a full service Japanese restaurant a little east of the main drag, near the firehouse and the Pinnacle building. I arrived ahead of Pike and, with a few minutes to kill, immediately ordered a cold beer. Well, immediate is a relative term. As you can see by the photo, it was relatively empty, yet it took seemingly forever for a waitress to get to my table. A wait might not have been so bad in and of itself had Fuji bothered to add air conditioners to its list of things to buy. The place was a sauna and I was cooking in my seat. When I finally got a waitress, I ordered an Asahi. It was gone before Pike showed up.

At least the sushi was good. I ordered the Sashimi Regular plate which, unlike the same dish at Chickurin, came out unspoiled by the ravages of time. It was pretty good if I dare say. I also ordered an Eel Roll, since who but a complete nazi traitor doesn't like an eel roll? I was stuffed by the end, which I didn't see coming. Pike, meanwhile, ordered the Fuji Roll (shrimp tempura and avocado) along with something else I didn't write down (but did steal a piece of). Overall, we left pleased.

I like Fuji, but man oh man, please someone tell them to order an AC. I mean, Christ! PC Richard is right across the street! The standard rolls cost an average of $4. The more complex ones are in the $10 range. All you cheap-assed Chikurin people should walk the extra four blocks. Trust me.

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