>> Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yes, it seems that Positano (in my opinion, the worst restaurant that Forest Hills had to offer)... has passed away into the great beyond. Will it be missed? What a silly question. Only for for it's comedic value. In its place, Pui Bello has risen like Lazarus to roam the earth once more.

A quick peek at the menu outside shows that it will be much like the old Piu Bello. Mostly dinery plates and quick foods. Paninis, etc. Although they were closed as of the evening of November 28, they do have a dinner menu which, since you asked so politely, appears extremely similar to the old, horrible Positano one. In other words, drek on a plate. Hopefully, this was done in error and will vanish before any of us have to suffer through it. But if not, I promise to pay them a visit if for no other reason than for a good hearty chuckle.




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